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Latest News - Dark Animus defeated 11/13 HC! Video and kill shot coming soon :D
11/13 HC - 3 Day Raiding - 2030-0030ST - Back to Progression!

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Dark Animus killed on 10 man Heroic mode 11/13 HC!!

by Akkadian, 1991 days ago


It is with great pleasure we can announce the death of one of the most annoying but fun fights of the tier. It took us a couple of nights and quite a few wipes but I am most glad to finally get this down so we can move on to Lei Shen and Ra-den. Here's hoping we get the tier clear before SoO gets released, which after the issues we have had this tier won't be too bad.

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Back to Progression

by Akkadian, 2012 days ago

Durumu the Forgotten and Twin Consorts killed on 10 man Heroic 10/13HC

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It is with great pleasure I can announce not one, but two new heroic kills for ATF. The last month has seen some major changes in the guild. We lost two key members of the raid team at the exact same time as 3 other members needed prolonged afk time. This lead to some very difficult raids and a serious slow in progression. Luckily for us we have ex-raiders in our guild as socials who keep themselves relatively geared without heroic mode raiding. For this I would like to personally thank Goto and Zoi for helping us out, and at least helping us farm previous kills over the last few weeks.

This reset we welcomed back Shawkie who went on a 25 man sabbatical, Xeast, back from exams, Kurimaz back from holiday, Raramuri back from exams/holiday and we gained a new trialist in Wombat, a cross realm monk healer. What a difference it made getting a full raid team together.

On Wednesday for us this week saw a fairly fast clear of the first 6 heroic bosses, allowing us 40 minutes for a look at Durumu. After a 12% wipe we were considering an extension to the raid but unfortunately a random loss of internet put paid to that. We were looking forward to Sunday night to get back on it, and Durumu fell in less than an hour. Our second target this week was Twin Consorts, and amazingly it fell within 5 pulls.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported the guild in the last few weeks, all the members for getting on with it, the lead team as well for doing a very good job in and out of raids. Its been a bit shit, but we are through it now and looking stronger than before. Let's get this tier done and prepare for the next!

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Heroic Primordius Killed

by Akkadian, 2033 days ago


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It is with great pleasure I can announce the death of Primoridus on 10 man heroic difficulty. This boss has been stalling our progression for over a week now, and has cost us many rankings on the realm. It feels good to finally get it down. Well done everyone who was there for the kill, and to those who weren't and had helped on the wipe nights. It's been a funny old week for ATF. I won't be going into the ins and outs of everything that happened this week, but we say goodbye to Junjo who will possibily move on to pastures new, and Xeast is currently on a 3 week raid break while he completes some exams irl. This for me, just makes this kill even sweeter since we didn't have as many options available as we normally do.

We will move on now to the next heroic boss and try to get back in the top 10 on the realm, although at this stage, and with the quality of other raid groups on the realm, it will be a big ask.

I am sure a video will be incoming shortly from our resident video maker peoples. - Link for larger screenshot.

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