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re: After the fall 7/13 HC


It is with regret I slacked on updating the front page of the forum for our Council kill. We have been 6/13 HC for a while now, and I never seem to get around to updating it. However, now that we have also killed Meg on HC, I find that I am in a position to update you on both kills.

Council was killed 2 weeks ago, and to be honest wasn't that difficult a fight. Sorting the adds out, positioning of bosses, interrupts, and raid position seem to be key on this boss, and having high dps makes the fight easier.

Our latest kill came on Wednesday. I have been sitting out on all of the Megaera heroic attempts, to allow our Boomkin, Warlock and Mage be on the boss for various reasons. We have been blocked on this boss for over a week now, with random deaths to various elements of the fight, but after some elevated discussion on the forums, a tactic was agreed upon, and on Wednesday executed. Unfortunately for Junjo, after doing so much hard work on the fight, her net went down just before the kill, and I walked in to a one shot on the boss on my first pull. This has nothing to do with me, but the time and effort of the raid group as a whole.

Unfortunately for us, spending so much time on Meg has cost us ranks on Kazzak. We were something like 6th, but dropped down to 17th (WTF) in the space of 2 weeks. This just goes to show the competitive nature of raiding on Kazzak and the quality of the guilds that surround us. Never rest on your laurels and work hard for those high server spots.

After all the spiel above, I am proud to link the following kill shots and videos!

Megaera Heroic

Forum Image

Council Heroic

Forum Image

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